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Remembering Del Shannon

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Peter Williams -  CDs Available.

'Memories' - Instrumental guitar music - a tribute to The Shadows.

'Sunday Night Inn' - Instrumental guitar music - in the style of  The Shadows.

'Sentimental Me - Instrumentally Elvis' -  a new guitar instrumental CD using 12 Elvis tracks played in the style of The Shadows supported by The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain.

ESPECIALLY FOR YOU - FROM THE VAULTS VOL 1.  An 18 Track Guitar Instrumental CD


 "JOHNNY REMEMBER ME" - A Guitar Instrumental Tribute to JOHN LEYTON


ESPECIALLY FOR YOU -  VOL 2.'   20 Track Guitar Instrumental CD


'Lone Rider - Great TV & Movie Western  Themes'

'Especially For You' - Instrumentally Christmas  Limited Edition

'From The Heart '- An Album of Guitar Instrumentals

'Twangs for the Melody'

'Peter Williams Plays Country'

'Walkin' Back to Happiness

Remembering BILLY FURY  (2 on 1 CD)

Remembering Elvis

Poetry in Motion

Remembering Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely

New Release - Now Available - Remembering Del Shannon


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